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Kansas OSY Advocacy Program

Based out of the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center at Greenbush, the OSY Advocacy Program will:

a) provide OSY migrant youth support services required by the unique demands of their migrant lifestyle,
b) collaborate with supporting agencies to provide essential services,
c) blend local and statewide perspectives into a substantial and resourceful system of OSY migrant support, and
d) provide year-round recruitment of OSY in the State.

The new proposal will fulfill State and federal regulations while ensuring all qualifying OSY migrant youth are not only provided needed services but also identified and recruited.

Opportunities for Success for Out-of-School Youth (OSY) is a Consortium Incentive Grant funded by the Office of Migrant Education (OME) at the United States Department of Education (USDE) to build capacity in states with a growing secondary-aged migrant out-of-school youth population.
OSY works with consortium states to:

  • Identify and recruit all out-of-school youth with the state, including recovery and here-to-work youth,
  • Design a well formulated process for accessing the different needs of the two groups,
  • Develop appropriate service delivery models for those youth who want to continue their education and for those who are here-to-work,
  • Share information and resources,
  • Indentify and develop curriculum and instructional materials, and
  • Provide professional development to support OSY activities.

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OSY Advocacy Project for 2012-2013


  • For questions concerning the website or the Dissemination Center, contact Paige Inman.
  • For information concerning the Kansas OSY Advocacy Project at Greenbush, contact Marlene Willis, Project Coordinator.